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Traynor Farms

Buy Local Region Peterborough
Membership Eligibility Criteria Requirements primary-products,on-farm-value-added,off-farm-value-added
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Traditionally Raised Meats, Seasonal Vegetables and Farm Market.

Traynor Farms is a family owned local-market farm providing a year round venue to source locally produced, traditionally grown foods that are raised using sustainable farming practices.

The beef available at our store is raised on-farm by our family. As well, we grow the vegetables ourselves with one garden less than 50 feet from the store.

All meats at our store are raised without medicated feeds or added growth hormones and are fed a diet of local grains and grasses. The vegetables are grown without pesticides but do get lots of compost.

We source other products from local farms, so when you buy from us, you are supporting local farm families and local agriculture, thus helping to sustain our local food economy, preserving farm land and keeping our dollars local.

Remember, when you shop local, for every dollar spent, 45 cents is re-invested locally, compared to 15 cents at a corporate chain.