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Cross Wind Farm

Buy Local Region Peterborough
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Goat meat, milk and cheese and home-made goat milk soap. Open daily 9 am to 5 pm.

Building on a long family tradition of farming, buoyed by years of practical experience in the dairy industry (Kevin) and years of operations and marketing experience (Cindy), it was a natural choice to start their own family farm operation; a dairy goat farm just 15 minutes east of Peterborough, in Keene, Ontario. In 2006, the journey began with a busy year of building and reconstruction of our 1800’s barn to accommodate bringing the girls home!! Finally the first does began to arrive in March of 2007 and they began shipping raw milk within the month. The rest is history!

Cross Wind Farm is a growing operation in every sense. From the first day the girls (does) arrived, both Kevin and Cindy knew they wanted to someday create their own branded line of dairy goat products and goat meat right on their farm. With a vision to provide quality farm fresh milk, they branded the term “..taste the freshness…” which has become a well known phrase locally!! It began with shipments of raw milk through the Ontario Dairy Goat Co-operative (of which they remain active members) and evolved into a multifaceted operation with on-premise pasteurization, award winning artisan cheese making, top quality Chevon and more!

Everyone plays an integral part within the farm operation: Kevin has the satisfying job of ensuring animal health, safety, housing, and the daily milking of the does, Cindy provides the art of milk processing and cheese making, and Mackenzie enjoys all areas of the operation by helping out wherever and whenever necessary. They just recently added a full-time person within the dairy as well! All the hard work seems to be paying off, as Cross Wind Farm’s quality products have been winning top awards year after year!