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Opening Hours
  • Thursday
    11:00 am~6:00 pm
  • Friday
    11:00 am ~6:00 pm
  • Saturday
    11:00 am ~6:00 pm

Franklin Farm Herbals and Market

Buy Local Region Peterborough
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Goat milk soaps and handmade creams. Honey, eggs, flowers & herbs.

May to Thanksgiving, 11am to 6pm, Thursday to Sunday & holiday Mondays or by chance at other times.

Franklin Farm Herbals & Market, owned by Jill and Gary Cockerell, is situated on the north-east corner of Ski Hill Road and Fleetwood Road- almost exactly half-way between Bethany and Omemee. Jill is a chartered herbalist and grows over 100 herb species, both culinary and medicinal. Gary is a beekeeper and the hives on the farm produce a beautiful golden honey. Jill makes many herbal products, including all natural creams and lotions, herbal teas and tinctures, handmade soaps, bath salts and massage oils, insect repellant and no salt/msg seasonings, as well as, preserves and pickles.

This year, our farm is attempting a small market garden using Square Foot Gardening principles. We will have many different types of lettuces, tomatoes, beans, carrots, cucumbers, melons and squash. Other fruits and veggies will be available from local farms.

Also new this year is the rose garden. With about 30 highly fragrant types of 22 different rose species, we hope to distill our own rosewater and infuse our own signature massage and body oil.

The store is open Thursday, noon – 6pm, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10am – 6 pm. Jill’s new workshop is open to visitors, so if you are curious about how herbal products are made, seasonings, creams, lotions etc, or would like to know more about Square Foot Gardening, specific herbs or just to check out the gardens please stop by.